Friday, September 17, 2010

Plastic is Forever

(this is also the title of a blog.)

Haven't done an ad-VER-tissment or public service announcement in a while...

For years now, I have had a passion for avoiding plastic if at all possible. Not only is plastic aesthetically displeasing to me, it is toxic to our bodies - especially for tiny young people (and the marine life who unintentionally ingest it), and
I have felt fanatical along the way (even though our house is by no means plastic-free, still) - investing in cloth shower curtains, washing, rewashing, and then tying knots in produce bags that I already had, avoiding buying yummy items like fresh mozzarella and cottage cheese that are packaged in plastic, and trying to make successful homemade alternatives to personal care products like deodorant and shampoo to replace plastic-bottled products (which often contain petroleum products - even if they are marketed to be "green" and healthy!).
My attention was drawn to a blog, Fake Plastic Fish, written by a woman who has taken this preoccupation (once you take notice, you realize plastic is in and on most everything!) to the next level. Here's her list of tips on how to live new-plastic-free. I was pleased that I was already putting many into practice. And also moved to step up my efforts a notch.

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