Friday, August 11, 2006

i suppose ya might wonder where i been.
well this is what i've been doing: taste-buds-deep in projects and presentations and homework for class!! dreaming food combinations and menus and measurements and those anxious dreams where i'm on stage and i wore the wrong costume!
even though i have much left to do (thanks to my natural-born citizenship in the Procrasti-Nation), the big anxious weight has been lifted as we have finished our Final Presentations. this was a cooking demo (like you see on the Food Network) for which we had to prepare a therapeutic menu for a particular nutritional need (topics were as follows: Immune-Building, Working Nights, More-Nutritious Soul-Food, Leaky-Gut Syndrome, Recovering from Anemia on a Vegetarian Diet, and mine: Building Belly Health with Fermented Foods). it was super-educational to hear everyone else's research, and so exciting to see them do their thing, and SO YUMMY to devour their creations!! each of us had to demo two dishes, and present them, as well as give a talk on our chosen topic, with the specific benefits of the foods we chose to prepare. it's funny how performance experience doesn't manage to translate into confidence when presenting to a small group of people!! oh well. about 80% of the way through, a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders as it began to sink that: I'M DONE!!! each person in turn joined the group of folks giddy-with-relief!
i feel so overwhelmingly blessed by the experience of attending this course. i knew it would be good, but i had no idea how holistically it would effect my life. and ~ i had no expectation of being with such an AWESOME group of women!! we have bonded in such a powerful way. more than a tear has been shed in anticipation of finishing up these happy 3-nights-per-week meetings.

photo: "that one lunch lady" pushes another weirdo-healthnut meal.
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