Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I wrote this a few weeks ago, and have been brewing it in expectation of posting it here.
Fireside lounging mama

Living in Baja Sur, Mexico, I have reached a level of unplugged-ness I never expected.
Truly, for weeks now, I have done the bare minimum of making my way to our local public wireless access (usually because I'm going by there anyway; rarely as a trip in itself), waiting the minutes it takes to download my emails (and a few select blogs and websites now and again), and then I'm away to other parts of my day. I don't even do this daily. At most, I reply to pressing emails. Oftentimes via concise (ha - as concise as I get, that is!) text message. For instance, yesterday I had a rare several hours to myself. In my old life I would've dashed immediately to the computer and easily spent those hours in front of the screen. Yesterday? I couldn't wait to turn on some mama music and mulch the kitchen garden with the bails of straw that we had finally procured. I didn't even think of opening the computer, not even to play music; I used my phone for that.
What else have I been doing with all this time that, for years, I spent plugged in?
~I've been studying the sunset each evening
~Peeing in the wee hours of the night with nothing but the light of the moon and my moonshadow as companions
~Therapeutically and often dunking myself in the invigorating water of our mama ocean
~I've been listening to bats squeak in the roof of our palapa kitchen
~Planting seeds and watering gardens
~Chomping nasturtium flowers that I pick from the walls of my shower
~Getting to know the species of birds at the shore
~Witnessing rows of garden greens disappear by the day, probably to a rabbit
~Being serenaded by duets of owls
~Watching as the tops of my bare feet get very tan
~And feeling with the soles of those bare feet as the earth gets warmer with the progression of the season
~Drinking a lot less coffee
~Embracing Siesta.

This post is dedicated to the pelican friend we encountered on the beach with an irreparably broken wing.

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