Friday, June 27, 2008


I love my Kitty-girl. 

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rokia Traore ~ Bowmboi

Absolutely lovely.
Our own backyard harvest.  
Some snap peas hiding under there, too!    

Monday, June 23, 2008


In other great news, I must brag about my friend, Trevor.  I met Trevor as we volunteered, and then apprenticed, at Three Stone Hearth community-supported kitchen.  Trevor is vibrant with big ideas, and the motivation, energy, and chutzpah(!) to accomplish them.  After studying permaculture through Merritt College and working in some community gardens around the city, Trevor started his own business.  His target clientele are folks in San Francisco who have yardspace, love good food, but don't have the time/energy/know-how to raise food themselves.  Trevor's company plans, cultivates, and plants a garden for them.  Then they maintain it, harvest the produce, and distribute the bounty throughout his group of clients.  It's called MyFarm.  And after being at it for only this first season, Trevor has been featured on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle! I'm brimming with pride for my friend.  
Here's the article, very interesting:

And here's the link to MyFarm's website:

photo: Trevor in early February, after a huge seafood feast at his place in the Lower Haight. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

flowers for Stella

California poppies abloom in the city sunshine today.  

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sacred Advertisement

Capricorn Horoscope for week of June 5, 2008
from Rob Brezsny, of course. 

Say this: "Novel intuitions are now erupting from my smart heart, awakening me from any trance I've been ensnared in. I am hereby breaking and escaping obstructions that have hindered my ability to express my soul's code. All of my unique capacities are being unleashed, all of my potentials activated. I recognize that I'm a miraculous work of art, a masterpiece unlike any other ever created in the history of the world."

What Martin Luther King Jr. said about epic struggles in the political arena is also apt for you in your private life, especially now: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." I recommend that you translate his advice into the intimate details of your relationships. If you really do that with the irresistible force of your burning conviction, you will prove another one of King's excellent thoughts: "Unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality."

photo:  Ganesha dances with Poppy Jasper.  

Sunday, June 08, 2008


~ during one of our many Grand Adventures ~ 
this January in Las Vegas. 

I don't think I could describe how I really feel about Woo without crying.  Her friendship touches me so deeply.  Co-conspirator and confidante, gentle ear and shoulder, encourager and idea-generator.  She has shown me what integrity and Love look and act like, as well as teaching me what they don't act like.  Woo is honest and brave.  Her example of patient, steady friendship has been one of the shining-est and most enduring I have ever had.  Tops on my list of heart-felt wishes is that I might be as good a friend to Woo as she has been and is to me.  I hope Woo and I know each other forever.      

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

banana in my belly*

I can hear you from here:
As much as we love your cats, we want the GOODS! Tell us about being PREGNANT! You are surely keeping the real cat in the bag by not writing about that!

Welp, we had another midwife visit with Judy and her apprentice, Janelle, last Thursday.
They listened to my belly with the fetoscope, and. .. we got to hear that little person's heartbeat for the first time! Little but steady, it ka-thunk-ka-thunked from deep within.

Judy and Janelle. 

Be very very quiet.

Laughing as I hear my baby for the first time. 

I feel all kinds of movement these days inside my belly.  Fluttering and flopping, all pretty much from that left side.  Sometimes it reminds me of what it feels like when you first start down the big hill on a rollercoaster, only in a very isolated location in my belly.  We're about 21 weeks along by now (when you're pregnant, your time is measured in weeks) ~ more than half-way, and according to, if we took a look in there, we'd see a creature that is longer than a banana*, and looks like a tiny infant (as opposed to all its earlier manifestations).  Now it's time to grow.  
I have had strangers make reference to my condition (like the server at Chez Panisse asking if he could get me a non-alcoholic alternative to the aperitif), and I'm pretty sure I'm getting a warmer brand of smile from people on the streets very recently.  This bulky fuzzy sweater that I'm still wearing despite it being early June (fine weather we're having!) does a great job of adding size to my steadily-growing pot of a belly.  (Hunny pot.)  But mostly all the food I'm eating is what does that trick.  ;-)
Feeling pretty good right now, out of the first queasy phase, but not yet into the aches-and-pains-and-can-barely-walk phase.

Me and my first baby, just a coupla days ago.  
Mr. Sealion is a steady support for my ever-faceted emotionality, and a blessed worshipper-o-the-curves.  He deserves a medal.         

my hero.

It's tough to be a housecat

Another day-in-the-life for this girl's favorite feline friends.
They take it pretty hard.

Softball Sunday

Yeah, yeah. That last post was not very positive. But I really want to keep posting, so here I go:  Sealion had a softball game on Sunday!

at bat.

in action.

always having fun.



He and a group of co-workers joined a league in which they will play seven games over the course of the summer.  Their team name is "The Painkillers," which I think is really funny.  
The valley evening brought in a powerful, cold cross-wind that made pitching really challenging, and spectating much more of a sport.  It made me so happy to see my boy playing and having a good time.  :-)   
How many days does it take a Tiffanie to lose motivation?  
Did she ever have any?