Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Ad

move in day ~ right around this time...three years ago.

I sent this out to the two discussion lists I subscribe to ~ the San Francisco chapter of WAPF, and SFBUN ~ the Bay Area's Unschooling group. I've gotten several responses. My landlord should be paying me. ;-)

Hello ~

We are moving from this house we have loved for three years so it's up for rent. It is a cute one-plus story house (upstairs is a finished,
liveable bedroom or office but not built with the city's strict
permits) with two br and 1 ½ bath. The kitchen is spacious. It has two
living areas, and a working fireplace, hardwood and tile floors,
French doors, and tiled bath. The house is painted a warm yellow, and
has a deck and a driveway. Our family lived here happily with a
roommate for the past year. The rent was $2900, which might be right
for someone, considering the following:
The things we are in love with about this space are its location and
its backyard. It is just a couple blocks from the "Gourmet Ghetto" (with
its 2 grocery stores, restaurants, shops, etc.), near several
well-spoken-of schools, walking distance from two of Berkeley's
farmers' markets, downtown BART, and a short bike ride to Monterey
Market and the Tuesday farmers' market. The backyard is ample and
mostly flat. It has a prolific fig tree and a few yellow and red plum
trees, a coastal oak, and a large, beautiful redwood. We have
extensively gardened this backyard, adding 4 waist-high raised beds, a
tree- shaded patio, and a reed-grass fence to enclose the garden area,
and many perennials such as rosemary and lavender, butterfly bushes,
flowers, and herbs. This yard has been perfect for having laying hens
~ we have kept up to 9 of them over the past year. There is a gated
sideyard/walkway that gets some full sun and reflected light, and a
small front yard that is 100% shaded by a pine tree, and a neighbor's
large palm. The street is quiet and low-traffic, mixed with houses and
multi-family buildings. Also, the landlord is hands-off but
responsive, and a sweetie.
We have put so much time, love, and energy into this place, we'd love
for someone to move in who appreciated it.
Send me a message with any questions.


Roger Fojas Photography said...

:) just giving you a random smile from a past Lucent friend....

Tiffanie said...

Roger ~ it's awesome to hear from you! Thanks for writing. : )
I definitely keep up with all of your Lucent shenanigans ~ keep up the mischief!!