Sunday, August 19, 2007


lying on my back,
belly worshipping that great fireball in the sky,
i gaze up into the cloudless blue.
idle (?)

my eyes come into focus as i realize
~ dragonflies ~
wings white with irradiant rays
silently high floating like insect ghost fairies on the sky
one floats across this way,
and another the other..
a whizzing population i had never noticed.

time to get back to work,
turn from this luxuriant
waste of time (?) ~
i hardly think so:
how else would i have discovered
the dragonflies?

the definition of yellow

.. . their bountiful brilliance astounds me.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


get down!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Capricorn Horoscope for week of August 16, 2007
from Mr. Brezsny

Welcome to the Season of Temporary Insanity, Capricorn. According to my analysis of the omens, your imminent immersion in lunacy, delirium, and freakiness won't hurt a bit -- and may even stir up exotic varieties of pleasure and amusement. For best results, keep the following advice bubbling and frothing in the back of your mind. (1) "Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things." - Edgar Degas. (2) "Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." – Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks. (3) "All of us are crazy good in one way or another." - Yiddish saying. (4) "You are either losing your mind -- or gaining your soul." - Julia Cameron.


The sage and her student were standing by a pool discussing longing and ambition.

"What do you want more than anything else?" the sage asked.

"To perfect my ability to love all of creation the way I love myself," the young man replied.

At that moment, the sage tackled the student and shoved his head beneath the water. Accustomed to letting his teacher shape the unpredictable contours of his education, he did not resist.

One minute went by. Then another. The student began to struggle and kick. His teacher was strong.

Finally she released her grip and the student surfaced, fighting for breath.

"What did you want more than anything else during these last few minutes?" the sage inquired.

"Nothing else was in my mind except the desire for air," gasped the student.

"Excellent," beamed the sage. "As soon as you are equally single-minded in your desire to perfect your ability to love all of creation the way you love yourself, you will achieve your goal."
The preceding oracle comes from the book, PRONOIA Is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings.

photo: Sheltowee (with Adeline, in-arm) updates his look in preparation for the pilgrimage.

Friday, August 10, 2007

mama i'm comin' home

(sometimes ya gotta admit, ozzie said it best ~ before the tv show, that is.)


last year, upon returning to the playa for my second round, knowing (kindof, although every year is gloriously unique) what to expect, and knowing that i loved it and that it was my home ~ my home planet, i dove in head first without looking back until i was submerged in BRC love and it permeated every cell of my core, as surely and completely as powdery playa particles permeated every inch of my surface. i was a child in a world of trust, appreciation, acceptance, self-love, expression, and freedom. intentional, mindful, and passionately in love with

i was who i wanted to be, and a citizen of a population who *got*me, and loved me.

i is-ed in a nowness of
booty shaking
eye opening
mind popping


upon returning, and seeing a world that seemed to me so far removed from that darn-near-close-to-utopia that i experienced on the playa, my heart immediately plummeted into a muddy murk of longing
and waiting. to return.

don't get me wrong: this has been an INCREDIBLE YEAR!
of realities coming to pass that were not so long ago filaments of the highest imagination and dreamscape.
amen and hallelujah!
i showed up for that, i promise.
but you didn't hear about it much, did you? cuz:
where's the spark? what happened to the light? my creativity: zilch. motivation: what?
the inner journey has been an uphill crawl. and i didn't always show up for that. (and i sure didn't feel like blogging about it.)
i feel older. and tired.

and i guess i been doing more dwelling and less manifesting, huh?

it's time! to return! the fire has not yet lit under my be-hind that i'm Almost Home once again, but i can hear the flick of the bic. yes, please.
playafy my hiney, wouldya? wrap me in powder, sunburn me dehydrate me nighttime desert hallucinate me and send me to bed at dawn with no sleep and do it all again the next day. rainbow kaleidoscope musical dream me to my inner is-ness till i can't tell the gorgeous difference between the you and the me and the we and the rockingness of the here and only NOW.

and when i leave that particular playa plot of dusty enlightening (in-lightning),
it is my intention, i set it right here and now ~ .
: i will bring the playa back with me.

in the Survival Guide for this year ~ the Green Man, the front page article by Larry Harvey is entitled "The Default World". this is the name that folks who share my utopian vision of BRC have labeled the REST of the year, the rest of the world, where we put on our uniforms and try to look normal. where Katrina hit and polar bears are stranded, that one guy is still in office, and "our" country is still at war. Harvey writes that, upon exiting BRC last year, there was a series of signs that read, "welcome . . to the default world: . . whose fault. . is that?"
these words spoke to me; i am guilty.
and i ask myself ~ is it only the wonderland of BRC that i missed all year this year, or was it largely that self-loving dream-living childself i left behind, powdery smiling dancing glowing now only in photos?
well, she's not allowed to selfishly stay. she's too much fun and i love her too much. i'm bringing her with me.

we have a big year coming up, i can feel it. changes coming down the pike that are gonna rock our galaxy!
so i'm setting the intention now. in front of you and who all else and the universe and everybody: i'm gonna show up like the superhero i is. i'm stepping in to the cape and wonderpowers for playatime and i'm not taking em off: there's LIFE to be lived! watch out!

"If we learn anything from Burning Man, it's that Black Rock City is ours to make in whatever image we want, and so is the rest of the world. In a very real way, the Green Man isn't the end ~ it's only the beginning."

here i come.

photos ~ choose the caption that best describes the photo:
kiddos play at night
gemini flies by break of day
shadows on the vastness
dancin as if now is now
playafoot: a symptom of a larger experience whereby the viewer realizes everything. is. art.