Sunday, September 26, 2010

Forward Movement

Bottle of wine acknowledging our move to Sacramento.

You think all these big thoughts, you dream all these big dreams, and then you still have to go to the grocery store the next day, tend to the perpetual parade of dirty dishes in the sink, and clean out the litter box (Reminds me of the Jack Kornfield Book, After the Ecstasy, the Laundry. I have felt pretty impatient with this whole Grand Scheme lately, so that an Everyday just feels too slow. So I'm reminding myself of the forward movement that is happening. We are doing things toward a purpose. Even though we can't see the end result at this time.

front door of our new place in Sacramento
celebration of the beginning of our lease
(I took so many photos, and none of them got every one of us perfect
[though Anjali looks adorable in every single one ;-)
and Arlene looks gorgeous in every single one
and I look absolutely goofy in every single one].
So this one will have to do).

This week Sealion has been in Southern California with Miles, taking a workshop at Calearth. They're learning how to construct Superadobe buildings ~ the kind we'll build in Baja. And from what I've gathered from our short text and phone conversations throughout the week, the comraderie, inspiration, and networking with other folks around the world doing similar projects, seems equally as important as the actual learning and doing process of constructing earth bag buildings. Not to mention all that good physical labor, fresh air and hot sun, campfires and stars to reinforce what's learned and absorbed!

photos sent to me from Sealion's phone.
building with earth bags.
shaping up.
working into the night. with christmas lights. and beer.

Now: to stuff the bags and hop on that camel!


Ashley said...

Sounds like a bad case of "Barnheart" : )

It sounds like you are taking some exciting steps toward realizing your dreams! Good luck!


Tiffanie said...

Ha ha! "Barnheart" ~ I like that! : )