Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bits in Between

I have had a sick baby, a weekend cross-country "jaunt" by plane (visiting loved ones), a sick household, some personal stress, and some general old-fashioned Tiffie blah-blues lately. I have looked for gratitude where I could find it, have been jogging, and gardening, and have also done some grumping and hermiting. While not as active on this blog, I have written a few food posts I wanted to draw your attention to (click at right).
And I read this today and was pretty intrigued. If you were ever a fan of What the Bleep Do We Know, you'll dig it, too.
The Rice Experiment:

Doing the final packing for a vacation (!) to Baja Sur, Mexico, with Woo and Miles (and Papi and Anjali, of course)!!! Though I am aware that happiness is not conditional, I can't help but think some relaxing, basking, and warm water bobbing with friends will have no trouble lifting even the most tenacious grumpies! Bajaaahhhh, here we come!!

While I'm at it, I don't know that I will manage an update on my experience with The Artist's Way, so I will just reiterate how grateful I am to have the forum Enjoy Parenthood (click at right) in my life. It is about so much more than parenting-it's about Everything! So so grateful.

(if I could I'd include a photo, but I haven't figured out how to do that by phone - as you might notice in my most recent food-a-file entry...)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Monday, April 05, 2010

A flood of text I sent to my husband as I was lying in bed reading and he was driving to work at 9:30pm on Saturday; thought you'd enjoy it (I don't usually post such language these days, but.. I'm sure you'll forgive me. (-; ):

I'm listening to some animal inside the wall or on the roof... breathe. And it sounds like a pig inhaling and exhaling. It is really freaky. It must be right above our heads. I hear it moving in the insulation ... What can it be?? It's really freaking me out.. It's loud.
Are we doing wrong to have the chicken feed feeding other animals??
It has walked to the other side of the roof.
Holy fuckin shit! That was intense and primally scary.
Oh fuck it's coming back this way.
Right above our heads!!!!
Sorry I know u shouldn't be reading [while driving].

What the fuck do we have living in the ceiling???
Aw great. Pretty sure more than one. Just heard a little coo-ie type noise.
Sorry. I'll quit writing.

Was reading and heard a scuffle outside, then [next-door neighbor] Lorraine's voice calling "Troy!!" over and over. I go to the window and open it to stick my head out and there are two med-sized raccoons looking me in the face about 5 feet down the roof!!! One came up the side and would've come in if I'd let it! They seem totally tame, but I also think: young.
Now I need to go check the chickens after I get anjai back to sleep.
Intense drama!!
I like them better now that I've seen them eye to eye as raccoons. Unfair, huh? But I know we still can't encourage them..

Photo of one of the raccoons, taken with my phone! haha!:

Henhouse door closed properly, girls all roosting and accounted for.