Wednesday, September 28, 2005

superhero soulsister

let's hear it for jesse--
i got to hang out with her at her 100% art home while i was in LA a few weeks ago. sitting in her space while she painted, all relaxed and cool, was soothing and inspirational. this girl's got her head on straight (well, at least as straight as we freakyfolks would want it!!).
madlove and freeflowing creativity to ya! i raise my sewing shears in salut!

screw you, junkmail!!

well-- i can't stand getting formletter salescomments for the blog that is a personal and cared-for account of my life.

who actually responds to those things??

for more, go to:

sac shout-out

people are always askin'--sacramento? why are you in sacramento? well--i like the downtown a lot. it's people-sized; i can ride my bike in bike lanes everywhere i need to go, on huge tree-lined streets. it's a low-key landing spot/home base.

that said,
gotta give props to my new favorite wireless spot in sac--Capital Garage. a full bar, including beer on-tap, plus excellent coffee, and yummy fresh food--breakfast through late-night. troyboy models.

Friday, September 23, 2005

priddy iddo house

bri, tb, and my new digs!!

lucent lovelies take two and three

photos by roger from our most recent RAWKIN show on saturday.

blog junk mail--stay away!!

well, hate to say it, but not surprised--junkmail has found blogs.
if you are truly interested in my blog i appreciate and welcome your comments. if not--


i know the people/businesses this needs to reach will not heed, but it makes me feel better to write it.

i mean, come on, people--you used the same tag line and smiley-face on three or more different hits on my site. gimme a break!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005



nestled for a week under-wing of superheroes, i'm feeling like taking that leap again. through the framework of seemingly disconnected weeks, beams of clarity come into focus.

once again sending out gratitude to so many who shine light on my path. i love you all!!

Saturday, September 17, 2005


rehearsed under full-moonlight tonight.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

the beat goes on

i'm having a really hard time getting down in words my impression of burning man. for now, life keeps truckin'--
--tb, mackindaddy, and i have found our own digs!! yippee!! a lovely two-level home close to the downtown action, and a minute's walk (or bike!) to the american river trail!!!
and, i'm back in LA, the lucent dossier beacon directing us home for another foray into madness.
went with dream to see the site of this upcoming show on saturday--a huge, multi-dimensional, multi-layed festival in a (temporarily) roofless warehouse downtown! it's fun to tag along and feel like i'm part of the "scene"--makin' decisions, bein' a part of the action! staying at the do lab and grateful to soak up a bunch of that post-burning man playa love energy. :)

Friday, September 09, 2005

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Capricorn Horoscope for week of September 8, 2005 (--free will astrology, of course--)

Back when it was still a fledgling business in the 1950s, the McDonald's hamburger franchise caught the attention of a salesman named Ray Kroc. He joined the team as an executive, and soon began thinking about buying the company outright. His advisors counseled him against it, but Kroc said he had "a feeling in his funny bone" that it was the right thing to do. Years later, he had become a billionaire, renowned as one of the world's titans of industry. I'm not necessarily saying you will amass a comparable fortune, Capricorn, but decisions you make in the coming weeks could be as life-changing as Kroc's--and maybe even instrumental in ensuring that you fulfill the mission you came to Earth to carry out. Trust the feelings in your funny bone.