Wednesday, July 12, 2006

lightning in a bottle



check out the festival my fabulous family of friends have orchestrated for this weekend!!!!

the website is worth visiting even if you can't attend!

i'll report back with stories and photos, i promise!! ;-D


(and here's an article in the Santa Barbara Independent about it: )

Friday, July 07, 2006

meet me in san fran

Ryan and Leslie, from good ol' lex-town, K-Y, spent a few days in san fran before making their way up to redwood country to pay homage to the Mighty Old Ones.
sealion and i met them at The Red Victorian on Haight, where they were staying. we strolled down to Magnolia Pub and Brewery and had beers and dinner ( ~ featuring housemade beers, and fresh, local, sustainable food).
it was grounding and comforting to see familiar faces and embrace old friends in the sea of all that is yet-new and unaccustomed in my westcoast life.
not having seen them in over a year, and their having never met sealion, it was all catch-up and get-to-know-you, but easy, like old friends are.
sealion and i had to rush off to catch BART back to the rest of our lives too soon. the lump in my throat fought hard to spring out my eyes as i turned away. Ryan is family to me.
as we were standing in front of The Red Victorian i couldn't help but play the "who'd a thought?!" game when it came to this scenario ~ who'd a thought, two years ago: that Ryan and Leslie would be meeting me and sealion in san francisco as they tour norcal. who'd a thought.

"who'd a thought?" in front of the red vic,
Ryan and Leslie, "you're going to do WHAT in mexico??"
muppets sealion and tif with Ryan and Leslie at Magnolia

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

an inconvient truth

go see it!!!!

even if you think you know what he has to say ~
go to remind yourself how important it is!!
go to vote with your dollar!!

find a theater here:
then return to that site after seeing the film to remind yourself of all the ways you can make positive change.

(and then watch The Future of Food)