Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gratitude Every Day: day ten

Any moment in which you have the space to stop and realize, "I am Here Now," is one worth celebrating.

I'm grateful for full moon celebrations.  More than that, I'm grateful for full moonrise celebrations that include grand mountainscape views, lively companions, and delicious and mindfully-prepared food and drink.   Even more than that, I'm grateful for friends who find it valuable and worthwhile to make the effort to celebrate such events.    

Gratitude Every Day: day... 25

Hello!  I'm here and I'm grateful!

Yesterday I woke up to this news.  It got under my skin and wouldn't leave me alone.  Then I let myself just weep about it.  You better believe I didn't drive a car yesterday (I have been driving about once a week since we moved to Lexington; I'll find the bike route for that one).
Sorry to mess up your day if you hadn't heard.

So today, on Mother's Day, as people get gushy about their mamas, I'm getting gushy about my mama: my Mama Earth.  I do so love the experience of being an earthling.  Even at this time and place in history.  I get down about it.  But I do believe I'm here at this time for a reason.  So after I cry a little (or a lot), I get back up and get back to gardening and spreading the love and light.      

communing with fellow earth-inhabitants:  namely, newly-blossomed violets.