Thursday, November 16, 2006

letting go..

of "control"

of expectation

of . . . . . . . (fill in your blank here)

feels like diving into water that you didn't even dip your toe into beforehand.

and knowing that your body will make it up to the air in time for a breath.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


i bought a pair of rollerskates!!!
on a whim, they found me at goodwill a coupla weeks ago, $9.99.
the perfect fit, "Britney" 4 Wheelers.
it's a gorgeous day here in sunny (in the summer) sacramento, and i finally got the nerve to take em for a ride.
my friend, Tiff (who does not have an Official Blog Code Name yet ~whattaya think, Tiff?), suggested that i should wear striped socks, so of course i had to (over top the kneepads).
then once i got out there i realized i was drawing attention to my maiden voyage probably since i was.... 13. i loved rollerskating when i was a kid. i cruised around in my basement, with my girlfriends, for hours at a time (with our shirts off! what freedom!), and even had a rollerskating BIRTHDAY PARTY!! my mom made me a little purple velvet ice-scating-type skirt with a little rollerskate embroidery iron-on. so cool. so cool!
well, i didn't bite it. sacramento is.. .FLAT, and there are bike lanes on everyother street. perfect. though the yellow crunchy leaves and debris did create a more mentally-focused ride than i had envisioned; i had to keep my eyes on the street the entire time.
it sure did bring back memories ~ more than memories, just the *feeling* of Tiffie. i could remember the way i felt in my little skirt, and the way i felt at my rollerskating party, the way my booty just can't help but stick out. have you seen that .. . candy bar commercial with the business folks dressed in their suits who open up their candy bar at the business meeting and you can see under the table that they're little kids whose feet don't reach the floor (yeah yeah yeah. i am admitting to seeing some TV.. and to enjoying the advertisement of a transnational corporation.. ~it's a funny commercial, i think)? that's the way i felt. up top i was . . myself now (with a shirt on).. and down below i was wearing that purple velvety skirt with the little rollerskate embroidery.
(maybe it's a magazine ad.. not sure.. )