Friday, August 17, 2012

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

the view from here

Hi!  As a product of being unplugged in Baja Sur, Mexico, for almost six months, I got out of the habit of writing here.  I relished that.  That might sound strange, but, this blog has been in existence for over seven years!  That's a long time to have that little narrator sitting in the back of my head, making hopefully-insightful, inner-focused commentary in my ear.  ;-D  Such is the life of a writer, I suppose.  But it was refreshing to be Me without my narrator for a while.  I find such a love-hate relationship with this-here internet existence ~ wanting to connect, to express myself, to be heard, but also feeling like a myopic techno-addict very quickly.  I know I've written about this so many times over the years.  Perhaps someday I will make peace with it.

For now we are in Oregon, where Sealion is working shifts, and La Chiquita and I play our supporting roles.  And with friends, who unavoidably play their supporting roles.  Community: that's what it's all about!  In our free time together, Sealion have been doing some vision board play to focus our intentions on what is to come.

Here, I will leave you with another tidbit of recent journal artwork, effectively turning the page on that last post that I wrote months ago in the thick of things.  Moving on.
 Oh!  and here's a Flickr album showcasing the journey over the past month-or-so.