Thursday, September 16, 2010

the things that have collected on our fridge

As we prepare to pack up our stuff and move, I am made to pause and look: to take in the details that are our daily existence here in this gentle, sunny home.
Today: the stuff that decorates and clutters our fridge doors (and the washer/dryer that are right beside the fridge). They do tell a story of our history and Family here.
(my camera has died so i have only my phone, and some bad lighting. but i'm rolling with it, inspired to Do More Things Badly!)
perhaps the first item ever put on the fridge: there is an artist who frequents the farmers' markets in the area ~ mainly at the Ferry Building in SF ~ who props a tiny, old-fashioned typewriter
on his lap and creates poems for passersby on-the-spot.

The week we first met and fell instantly-in-love with Austin. Birthdays. Magic and Spice.

"Baby Mommy" ~ as I describe her to my little one ~ on my fourth birthday.
'Jali's first Burn. Mommy circa 1996(?).
New Year's Eve 2008, and the hand-drawn stocking that Sealion's co-workers created
for their 2007 holiday decorations ~ with a jug of raw milk in it ~ absolutely perfect!

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