Thursday, June 01, 2006


as most of you may have gathered, and several of my closest loved-ones have commented on, i keep my cards pretty close to my chest. if you hear about it, i'm already doing it, or it's already been done. i rarely tell people about what i strive toward~~my dreams, visions, or even plans unless they're pretty solidified, or common knowledge. psychoanalyze as we might, that's been a long-held trait in the Land of Tif (Ye Olde Towne of Tiffe). some traditions are worth cherishing, some might be used selectively, and some can just go ahead and be written off as old, worn-out habits.
tonight i want to share a vision that sweet sealion and i hold together that is Far-Reaching, Important, and Visionary. my intent is not only to fill ya in, but also to ask that you might support this vision with us, so that it might be clearer, and the universal flow even more intensively catalyzed. get it?

i promised i'd tell you about paradise, so here it is:
paradise is a little rectangle of dirt in a village called La Ribera (depending on who's spelling it), Baja California Sur, Mexico. if you look at the map of Baja~~it's down there underneath C-A, USA, La Ribera is at the tippy-bottom, below the Tropic of Cancer, and up the Sea of Cortez just enough~~just enough so that the water is turquoise and aqua, calm with pretty, gentle waves, and soothingly warm in the summer. this little rectangle of dirt is just a kilometer's drive (we were in a rental car that registered metric; i don't) from the cream-sanded beach~~and much closer, "as the crow flies". a freshwater lagoon sits in between. on the land there is already a hacienda~~a U-shaped building with an atrium in the middle, where pomegranite trees grow, and a gate that leads out back. there are two wells, and a broad, flat, open field that is fertile and well-loved.
when we see this house, we see an open-door hostel, where travellers and seekers can rest and be nourished. we see a retreat for magic-makers and dreamweavers. a ready canvas for art, and inspiration for song and dance. this is a place where folks are welcome to simply contribute love and energy if they don't have cash in their pockets, a place where people may connect and reconnect. and hopefully leave a little bit more educated and whole.
when we see the land around the hacienda we see a green oasis, with fruit-bearing trees, and all kinds of veggies and flowers, paths that meander through shade, and nooks that house palapas and hammocks. who knows what kinda animal might be grazing underfoot, whether it be winged, hooved, pawed, or tiny sticky-handed human.
this is a place where all of my passions and interests might coexist in harmony, and all of the "hobbies" i pick up along the way actually make sense. that beautiful sealion gets to put his elegant fishing skills to use. to slow down, sun-up, and work at the handy-crafts that make him so happy. he gets to look at the stars.
i have had this dream for years and years, probably starting when i was a kid. it was something i always imagined to be "in the future," maybe when i "retired" (from whatever career was going to materialize). my activity-at-hand has shifted from one to another (and another and another), but the skills i learned along the way seem to all come together here, now. as i continue to let go of trying to Will my life into some kind of Acceptable catagory and labelled box, details fall into place in a seamless, extraordinarily quick fashion that could not be orchestrated by my own design, except that they are exactly as i dreamed, yet didn't know how to make tangible. as for sealion, i am still reeling in the knowledge that he envisions it too, with me. it's a huge commitment~~within ourselves, and to each other. this is the part i am most confident in.
if it doesn't pan out exactly as we imagine it and are working toward, we can now say with the certainty of experience that something even better will. and this initial step is essential, if nothing else, in our realizing that this is something we truly desire.

as for details~~this place is just down the road from the Buddhist center that Dr. Milesy and company are underway with, which is directly across the road from an AMAZING organic botanical garden run by a powerhouse of a couple ~Gabriel and Kitzia~ and their crew.
for travel~~although it's off a dirt road, La Ribera is only an hour and some minutes (depending on who's driving, and how many free-range cattle you encounter) from the international airport at San Jose del Cabo.
sport fishing is the biggest recreational draw to this particular area (especially for the towns directly north), and diving and seakayaking are also popular (around the coral reef just south).
it's "dry tropic", as Gabriel told us; the area gets only a few inches of rain per year, although there is officially a rainy season in the hot hot hot of the year. cool temps reach the high 40's.

so here it is: i'm putting it out there, for Goddess and Everyone to see. may the intention be blessed.

Let It Be.

here's a map:,-95.677068&sspn=65.263254,107.929688&q=baja+california+sur&t=h&om=0&ll=23.380077,-109.926453&spn=1.207562,1.686401

photos (in blogger-random order): "i see it!",
la hacienda,
the lagoon,
the beach,
the gate to the magical atrium

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ecogyrl said...

so nice to see your vision with you finally. mine is experiencing that milky haze that comes on a hot summer's day~ not quite clear, but imminent.
much love and luck to you.