Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Be the Magic

A tradition Sealion and I look forward to every year is to gift at least one person with a ticket to Black Rock City. This really gets us in the spirit of the gift economy of Burning Man. It feels great!

This year we were given the opportunity to sponsor a good friend of mine (with whom I just reunited on facebook..). She had a spontaneous opening in her day when she could come by and get the golden ticket. So I feverishly ran upstairs to my craft supplies to create a fitting envelope for such a special gift and favorite person. I just had a few minutes. I think sometimes our most inspired art comes in these spontaneous mad dashes of productivity ~ we don't have time to OverThink it.

This woman has such brilliance and charisma, I imagined her on the playa as I have seen her in the past ~ glowing and moving. I created this with her in mind, but as it manifested itself I realized I was calling forth a message to myself just as importantly.

(much more glittery and sparkling than my photographic skills can convey..)

Which reminds me of a fun art activity I saw posted on the Jack Rabbit Speaks ~ the Burning Man newsletter: What this comically displays is that the spirit of Black Rock City, and the seeds of magic, are with us and just as possible in the "Default World" as they are on the playa. We might just need a little more presence to discover them in ourselves and the everyday world around us. As we say in BRC, Participate!


An inventive Burner who's not making to Burning Man this year came up with a clever idea:

"Burner Out of Water: A social experiment for those of us not able to journey to the Metropolis in the desert.

Spend Burn week in your Metropolis, town or village as if you were in Black Rock City. Don your finest (but legal) playa wear. Strike up deep conversations with strangers. Ride your (decorated) bike or walk everywhere. Don't watch any TV. Make your car an art car. Spin poi or do yoga in the park. Bathe with baby wipes. Dance all night. Enjoy a sunrise with your friends. Burn something. Give gifts. Take lots of pictures, write about your off-playa Burn week adventures and send them Check to see what your fellow Black Rock City lovers did when not residing in Black Rock City. Maybe it'll be so much fun, it'll last longer than a week..."

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