Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring! and an idyllic afternoon

 will add photos when our other computer ~ the faster smarter one ~ is home from the doctor.

Ahhh.  For Sealion's birthday, he happened to have the day off from work, and cleared his schedule otherwise so that he could work in the yard.  His favorite activity in the world is to build something, and having a warm sunny day after many days of rain was all he needed to immediately imagine the perfect outdoor project.  In the sun, Papi (pronounced PAH-pee, btw) sawed boards, dug holes, and created raised beds for our garden (yippee!).  In the shade, Anjali worked on her locomotion skills, inspected nature (and every other object close at hand), snacked and napped, and I worked on a sewing project. Spring blossoms all around, bees buzzing, birds tweeting. .  Pretty near perfect, if you ask me. 

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