Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the little things

I love Sealion for a lot of big reasons, some that I have mentioned here before.  And I love him for countless little reasons.  Those that sometimes might go unnoted, but when I pause to think about them ~ are the ones that moisten my eyes and make me smile when there's no one around to see it.  
Ever since we had to do it in my cooking class (and then reinforced by working at Three Stone Hearth for years), there has been a rule in my kitchen about labeling leftovers:  on a piece of masking tape, usually, and usually with a Sharpie (because that's what's in the drawer and works best on the masking tape), you write the contents of the container, and the date.  This goes for takeout boxes, and for jars at home.  Yeah, it might be a bit type A ~ you can say that, but I like it.  With the advent of Anjali, Sealion has taken on more of the kitchen duties than previously shouldered.  Now, whenever he puts the leftovers in the fridge, he most always comes up with a corny pun, or fun/silly way to spell the contents of the container.  

You see the way there are curly-cues on the letters?  He doesn't write that way; he was doing that to be funny.  When I pulled the jar out of the fridge to heat up for my solitary dinner tonight, seeing that bit of silliness was what made me smile and warmed my center before there was any soup in there.  
A little thing.

and the recipe for that SOOP.              

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