Wednesday, March 25, 2009


i have been working on some sewing projects. wedging in a few minutes here and there when i can, i get a little obsessed.  a finished product is rewarding.  the main (huge) thing is ten "all-in-one" diapers for Ms. A. i made some basic prefolds for her before she was born, but quickly learned that others are more effective and practical, especially when out and about. alas she has outgrown the first set of handed-downs, and i looked all over online for more used ones in the next size up, and just decided to make some. boy was that an involved process. i'm happy with how they came out, though. all from recycled fabrics. and there are cute wool covers of essentially the same design that i don't have a photo of.
on the tushy, just freshly test-pee-peed

and the creation that gets the most raves is the one that took a small fraction of what the diapers took to finish. kind of reminds me of icing on a cupcake. yum! and, yeah ~ what was i saying about pink?