Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i'm still figuring out how to get blogging accomplished with the little one in my life.  right now i'm writing bit by bit as i find the time, and adding photos later.  we keep photos on the other computer ~ Sam ~ because he's faster and smarter.  but right now he's under the weather.  so i'm just going ahead and publishing the little tidbits i had been working on, and will add the photos when Sam is well.  so there are some entries that will be showing up on down the page if you feel like scrolling.  i don't think they're nearly as interesting without the illustrations, but i just want to keep up with my blogging endeavor.  thanks for reading.  

and here's a photo of my sweet daughter just to hold your interest.  ;-)
this photo is commemorating her newly acquired laughter, as opposed to simply smiling.

well, now that i'm looking, it seems i already added photos to a few of them. .
so anyway.

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