Tuesday, March 10, 2009

epilogue to la vie en pink

geez!  reading over that last entry later in the day ~ perhaps less caffeinated, it sounds like a bitch session more than anything else.  i certainly didn't mean it that way.  more just a funny possibly ironic anecdote to being a parent.  i much prefer second-hand clothing to new ~ socially, environmentally, financially..  i had no idea that this clothes hand-me-down phenomenon would happen when we had a baby.  it seems that hand-me-downs crawl out of the woodwork, and propagate (like the fuzzy bunnies that adorn them) in the hamper.  and i am grateful for it.  long live the hand-me-down wardrobe!  and may my daughter derive less of her self image and identity from the fabric covering her skin than her mom obviously does.

~*~ Epilogue to the epilogue ~*~

so i decided to delete that previous post. it was poorly written, and bugged me whenever i thought about it. we all have things that in our mind are witty until they come out and then ~ thud. it felt like an old song that used to hit that perfect note that since has fallen a little flat. mainly i just prefer to live in gratitude.
Anjali has helped me more easily to smile and roll with a lot from well-intentioned others. and if i'm very honest, as i look in the laundry pile these days, my heart lightens a little to see the generous splashes of pink. the pink reminds me of Anjali.      


Benjamin H. said...

Don't worry, I bet she'll be much more impacted by the generosity of hand-me-downs than the color of them in the long run. When I was a kid I remember our (older, cooler) neighbor coming over fairly often and giving us a bag of her hand-me-downs. I always loved it, even if I didn't like every piece of clothing in the bag.

Benjamin H. said...

oops, it was me again (alyssum)