Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Hollis in our dome during a windstorm at BM0...6
Hollis and i at the Tobin James winery on the way back fron LIB
oh my.
while brushing my teeth i checked my email this morning.
almost not bothering to scroll to the bottom of a page, i would have failed to read that
my friend Hollis was in a near-fatal motorcycle wreck in India 2 weeks ago.
she has been flown back here to Stanford where she is in the ICU.
Hollis and i became friends upon working with Lucent Dossier. she was from Tennessee. having both become recent transplants to a whole new world, we felt a bond. she and i road-tripped to the Lightning in a Bottle festival together, driving a rental car from the bay area down through the valley to Santa Barbara. the only food vendor at the festival being (delicious) raw vegan, our first stop that monday morning was a mom n pop diner where we ate eggs, bacon, buttered biscuits, and spiked our coffee with bourbon. at burning man she adorned our camp's table with, "don't sweat the petty stuff, pet the sweaty stuff." she always called kombucha, "kombucha-cha." a dreamer, a dancer, a spunky, sweet soul.
we had lost touch, as you do sometimes, but i had been wanting to contact her.  

sending some love to Hollis.

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