Saturday, February 18, 2006


i have a new infatuation (well, besides UNMATA.. ): yoga. for years i knew that it was something i should do. but kinda like going to the dentist=really uncomfortable. i had a huge block about it in my head for the longest time. i am realizing it was my EGO, b/c i've never considered myself very flexible. i knew it would be challenging~~awkwardly exploding out of "tree pose", having my heels way up off the mat in "down dog". finally, i'm allowing myself to enjoy this process. i love it! just like the super-green, dis shit gotta be good fo you! i feel like i'm giving my body a gift everytime i practice. after a few classes, it's exhilarating to see what my body can do. and what a satisfying work-out. i haven't felt this full-body worn-out since i was an avid climber. my teacher, leah, is really passionate about it. it shows. when we're all doing our thing, it feels a lot like dance. her body glows with the flow of it.
what did they say, in hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, was the answer to life the universe and everything? i think it's yoga.


g00d_news said...

hey tif!

i'm a lifelong yoga-file.
welcome to the flow-ing!

one night yoga helped me beat a drunk-driving rap when I waz real young: the cop asked me to stand on one foot and count to 30. i was really drunk but had the yoga training in the tree pose (the roots going down through your foot WAY, WAY down into the earth)... i counted, reached 30, kept my foot in the air and asked if that was all... he let me go without another word.

tee hee

i started a new regimen about 2 years ago, a combination yoga first and pilates to finish. great for my abs and thighs in the middle years.

energy and light,


tif said...

that's hilarious!! little did you know, in your beginning yoga practice, the ways it would help you!