Sunday, February 26, 2006


through tribe, i am a member of a creative cybergroup called Presentation Ogie. every week we have a new creative "assignment" we are given. sometimes, Roger, our Fearless Leader Ogie invites us to play a poetry game. other times he gives us a theme, for instance "color", or "elements," and invites us to send in images. for holidays, folks create cards.. sometimes collages, self-portraits... . it's a place where we have collective encouragement to tickle our imaginations and share with each other. this week, we were challenged to create superhero identities, in whatever media we chose.
i created the idea for HIP-NO(!) about a year ago, and finally got around to drawing her for Presentation Ogie.

here's the scoop:
yes, citizens!! it's HIP-NO!!
hailing from Planet Kali, HIP-NO sniffs out evil-doers and HIP-NO-tizes them with her powerfully mezzzmerizzzing wonder-hip-action!! when the evil-doer awakes from this powerful spell, he (that's right~~HE!! evil-doing ladies will have to be swayed by a different superhero.. ) is stunned, amnesiac-ally dis-remembering any evil he originally intended!
another evil-doer-turned-light-conveyer, thanks to HIP-NO! and her lightning-quick wonder-hip-action!!

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