Saturday, February 18, 2006

alyssum alyssum aloo

today i want to extend a special shout out to that most fantabulous alyssum.
she is such a dedicated friend to me. she is a good listener. is light-hearted, while being very well-grounded at the same time. she is not afraid to share her opinions with me, while still holding respectful space for me to continue with my own view. she can be thoughtful and quiet, and outrageously funny and goofy! she is untamed and wild, yet sleek and distinctive. and she has a hell of a lot of perseverance and will-power! i admire her because she cares so much about the choices that she makes each day, is very mindful of them and her affect on the world around her, and inside herself. as wholly gorgeous a person as she is, i have complete confidence that wherever her path leads, the view will be perfect!

GO ALYSSUM!!! the dance of life is yours for the loving. :) :) :)

photo gratefully borrowed from alyssum's blog, "You know, Stuff", by Nikki Dedekian.

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