Sunday, February 26, 2006

good news!

freewill astrology horoscope for capricorns, the week of February 23:
"The language we use has a tremendous power to shape our experience. This is especially true for you right now. The words you choose to describe your feelings and adventures will tip the balance of your energy toward delight and vigor or else toward discouragement and apathy. The fewer negative perspectives you formulate, the better your health will be. To spur yourself in the right direction, make frequent use of beautiful words like the following (or create your own list): mellifluous, thrive, melody, luminous, undulate, freshening, reverence, primordial, shimmer."

loved ones:
i am pleased to share with you a recent development in my life! i have signed on as a teammember for the website called the Good News Network. the site is undergoing a massive re-construction, and is not up right now. but here's the link: , so you'll know where to look in the future. the mission: to share good news; not the boring, fluffy, vacuous kind, but the interesting, insightful, inspiring good news that happens all around us everyday.
as we grow the new site, i'll be doing "leg-work," like looking for article links on the web, for stories to write, and interacting with readers who visit the site. details are evolving, and i'm eager to get to work!!
this assignment seems perfect for me. in my own life, both internally and outwardly, i am making a conscious effort to focus my attention, more and more, on positivity~~to manifest it in my own life, and to encourage those i interact with. for years i have believed that our culture is obsessed with violence and decay. i have been very selective (to my friends' sometimes-annoyance) about what i view~~movies, tv, magazines,etc.~~b/c i don't wanna fill up that spongey tissue up there (in me noggin) with those images. as picky as i am with what i eat (and you know how picky i can be. . ) i might be even more selective about keeping my head free of negativity and violence. this said, i realize this might tend to give me a dillusional perma-smiley view on life, and create that image for myself when viewed by others. i don't want to "deny" any part of reality. i just choose to select what i dwell on and spend my free time imagining.
i believe you hit what you aim for: if you want to cross a stream, you focus on where you are going~~the mossy bank in the sun; not on the raging cold water beneath you. if you want to create love and light in your world, focus on spreading the light~~not on how inky the darkness seems.
today it seems "hip" to be jaded. it's cool and artful to expose how absolutely rotten things can be. in day-to-day conversation, it's much more acceptable to agree about how shitty things are as opposed to sharing what you dig about your life. half-empty glasses seem more popular than half-full.
i want to officially leave that to others (although... i'd be happy if the "others" felt like joining me! ;). my intention is to be honest, always. and also to constantly realize how much i frickin LOVE existing on this planet, and how frickin LUCKY i am even in my saddest cryingest most painful day, always. beauty is there for the seeing, and the perpetuating.
cheers to the Good News Network!! i'll fill you in as things progress!

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ecogyrl said...

as a fellow perma-optimist, i applaud your efforts and agree entirely. when people ask why i am always so cheerful, i reply that i have CHOSEN to be so. why dwell on the dark when you can shine a light?