Tuesday, February 21, 2006

master sheltowee

one day i will tell the whole enlightened story of Master Sheltowee, as it has been given to me by the Master himself. over the course of our journey West from k-y, he began to share more and more of the mystery.
when he came to earth, Sheltowee took the form of a stuffed koala in an effort to project peace and friendly intentions. he chose to live with me and brer, to closely absorb the ways of earthlings.
as he has grown more comfortable in c-a, especially after making his first journey to black rock city, more and more of his true nature has materialized. as he has absorbed the atmosphere out here, his psychic and telekinetic abilities, too, have been easier to call forth.
as well as enlightening, he has been a great companion to me throughout our friendship. he protects me always. he sends waves of peace throughout my bedroom to grant me restful sleep. he gives me insight, and ideas for creative endeavors.
[although right now, he feels like i have probably let on enough about his secret. too much at one time, and he might be found out.. ]

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alyssum said...

master sheltowee butterfly, why be your friend mama so secretive all times?