Thursday, February 09, 2006


today was an AWESOME DAY!!
hate to rub it in, but spring has landed in sacramento. i don't have any photos to post, because i've been too busy being as active as i scolded myself for NOT being since october. ;)
warm penetrating sunlight that you FEEL making impact with your skin. bright enough that you have to squint. with this invigorating sense of new energy, i feel as if all winter (or "rainy season", as it should be called here in sac.), i have been going through the motions of breathing, and that finally the air actually has oxygen in it again.
sealion and i went for a bike ride this morning, then took a yoga class. sat outside for lunch, and got HOT sitting in the sun. rode our bikes home, dropped them off, and then turned right around and went walking. sat on the patio of a coffee shop. walked home at dark, then i danced in front of my mirror until five minutes before dance class with Unmata. rode my bike there in the exhilerating nighttime cool. we had to open the studio door the room was so warm. amy whipped my booty!! i ate dinner on the way home, and upon return~~danced some MORE!
moving feels so good!!
my body is soaking up activity and giving back positivity and motivation.
mz. san diego, you'll have to tell us: does a lousy, bummer season make you appreciate beautiful weather all the more? or do you just go ahead and enjoy the gorgeous weather all year round and smirk that the rest of us haven't figured it out yet. . ?

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