Saturday, February 18, 2006

the door

i love our house here in sac. it's cozy yet spacious; giving each of the three of us plenty of room to do our own thang, while still being in the same home.
the cats have relaxed into it surprisingly well ("don't you guys realize HOW FAR away from home you are??!!"), lounging in the sunny spots, adjusting to the rhythm of the day in this new place, becoming increasingly comfortable around mr. mackindaddy. at first i thought i would need to keep them out of his space, but after initial cat-curious investigation, they seem not to hold much interest. cool. no white rodolfo-belly fur on bri's sweaters.

they are, however, continually captivated by the storage room downstairs. this is the unfinished "basement"-type room, where the washer and dryer are, and where we store our "stuff". unfinished, as it were, it also houses dark dusty spider-webbed crevices and drafty sun-illuminated openings that i have not had the courage to explore (delectable trouble, to the feline imagination!!). as we live on a flood plain, this area shows signs of damage from water (that have been concealed on the rest of the house), and also from the curiosity of a former resident pet. the door leading to the outside is rotten on the bottom, and chewed up. so~~there's a big frickin gaping hole under the door, ok? (i'd probably cover it somehow, but i resent that the landlord hasn't done this already.) my dad in me worries that the cats will get out and get lost and disappear (they're strictly indoor cats). wouldn't you know it, that's the room they are most interested in. everytime the door creEeaks open (the only door in the house that creaks, of course), the cats rush from whatever lazy thing they were half-doing STRAIGHT to that mysterious door and peek "innocently" around the corner.. .
rodolfo oftentimes saunters over, sniffs, and peers through the space under that closed door. sneaky kitty pretends to "eat" at the bowl while sideways glancing a chance to do her perfected darting maneuver as soon as you're not looking!

who's gonna win: gee, ya think? guess i'll be patching that damn door.

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