Monday, November 14, 2005


well, i write a post about how much frickin fun i'm having in C-A, and i'm proud to report that the ho-swah, soul-twin his-self, is doin' a bang-up job of making ye olde K-Ye a bus-load more fun by the second. it's the never-a-dull-moment you always expect from a day with the ho', just a tad more organized. he hosted a field trip: with a classic yellow school bus, a driver, a keg o' homebrew (somehow or other, if you hire a bus and driver, that's legal...) a gaggle of great friends--and even his folks--to ride from lex-town to mammoth cave*. a perfect kentucky fall day as the backdrop, they feasted on wine, cheese, fruit, and the like, then headed below for a cave-cricket-crawling, bat-family-snuggling, crystal-forming, mysterious-water-drip-noising stroll.
you know the keg didn't last all the way there and back, so. . on the return trip, they stopped at the licka sto (please, ask me again how this is legal?). the afterparty was at barry and rebecca's, of course, where they hand-roasted pizza in the outdoor brick fireplace, and cozied up to the flames under the night sky.
as someone who's just recently gone pro at the having of fun, my old teacher continues to shine his headlamp on the trail for me as he tramps on ahead.

~*~ hey, kids! let's play "match the ho-quote with the blogger-random photo of awesome folks!" ~*~
a) da cosmic twinkie an' da creme filling
b) whisper voice
c) merry.. travelers
d) urbane, yet inappropriate
e) beware the cave dentist!
f) troglopat
g) rebecca gets sassy

* "have a free afternoon in western kentucky?
take a tour of mammoth cave--the world's most extensive known cave system--at least a mile for every day of your year. tells you all the info you need to get you there." and lots you don't need--like the different kinds of poo that support bugs that inhabit mammoth cave. this is some excellent fodder for the next party you go to where you find yourself abandoned in a corner with that one girl.
mammoth cave is really cool. it is home to eyeless fish, and many other threatened and endangered species. (like bats--whose poo WAS an integral part of the cave lifecycle back in the day afore ol' Whitey got to em.)
this late night ridiculosity is dedicated to that one and only ho-swah. his gift for seeing the humorous in all things--and the vocabulary to make it even punnier--has lightened my pack and helped me see the forest in the trees for over a decade now. god, how much do i love you.

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