Tuesday, November 15, 2005

mackindaddy day

birthday party!! well, to be honest, he's been using that excuse to party for the last four nights--hey--if it works. . ! a group of us met at Zocalo, a new, hip mexican restaurant on capital avenue in downtown sac. the free tequila was flowing toward the birthday boy and yummy food and laughs were had by all.
let's hear it for bri!! in your honor, i publish free will astrology for those of the scorpio persuasion:

Scorpio Horoscope for week of November 10, 2005

"Dear Rob: Thanks for your ongoing attempts to burn away negative stereotypes about us Scorpios. Here's more fuel for your fire: I'm not perfect, nor do I aspire to be so. Perfection is a form of death. I'm grateful for my demons because in the worst of times they're my allies, and in the best of times they're the measure of my accomplishments. I don't seek truth, I seek reason. Truth is relative and found only by consensus, while reason is irreducible and adamantine. When in the presence of other people, I try to locate the soul essence I can't see with my eyes. It's good practice for my main hobby, which is to locate the soul essence in myself. If these habits make me obsessed, intense, and inscrutable, so be it. -Scorpio to the Nth Degree." Dear Scorpio: I'm publishing your letter because it's an ideal time for all Scorpios to meditate on your wild ideas.

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