Saturday, November 19, 2005

beauty in the beets

nature's most delicious pigment! beets beets beets beets!
tom robbins had it right dedicating a whole novel to this mysterious passionate earth love.

today's featured beet recipe:
gingered sweet potato soup.
roast big chunks of 3 girl-fist sized sweet potatoes, a coupla beets, garlic cloves, and a radish with some olive oil on 400 till they're soft.
sautee chopped onions with about a cup of sunflower seeds till the onion is soft. add a bunch of grated ginger, some cumin, cinnamon, dried peppermint (i used peppermint tea), salt and fresh ground pepper, and a whole squeezed lime, and sautee for maybe five minutes more.
throw all of the above in the blender, gradually adding four cups of water. do it in batches if your blender doesn't hold it all. puree till peachy pink smooth and gorgeous. swirl in a spoonful of plain yogurt if you're really lucky. serve with crusty toasted bread. mellow soothing and cozy goodness.

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tessie t said...

ohmigawd!! this sounds too yummy!! all my favorites in one bowl!!