Saturday, November 19, 2005

tha's what i'm talkin' about!

i've seen him twice now as i jog through mckinley park--he's a white guy, who looks to be in his fifties. his physical appearance fits my idea of an "office dad"--tidy, short hair, glasses, a clean, pressed, light blue oxford tucked into dark slacks (that's what my dad calls them--slacks, and he's an office dad) with a classic leather-looking belt. standing, he rides this scooter-lookin' thing that has kind of a moped front, and a swiveling platform on the back that rolls on two little-little wheels (business in the front, party in the rear!). it's shiny and black and has a windshield and a headlight. the first time he caught my attention is because the music blaring from his ride was so loud, i thought the mckinley park library was having some kind of Function. he cruises around the park on the sidewalks, with LOUD music--the beach boys the first time, then 70's elton john today--broadcasting from his scooter-mobile. he shifts his weight back and forth like you would at the roller-rink when you really know what you're doing and you might even have your own skates. this makes the ass-end of the scooter roll from side to side as he wheels around the park, sometimes even three-wheeling it on the grass. people feeding ducks at the pond look at him as he passes by and children point and say loud things about him. as we passed each other on the sidewalk and i looked him in the eye, he gave me that brief chin-up acknowledgement without changing his expression, as if he were jogging just like me.
yeah! he's my hero.

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