Saturday, November 05, 2005

Middle English cherisshen, from Middle French cheriss-, stem of cherir to cherish, from Old French, from chier dear, from Latin carus

down south for troyboy to take his Big Important Test. stayed with lulu cat at queen she and j's place in santa monica while they're out of town. fun to be in LA just to hang out instead of for "work," and visit another part of this huge smear of the planet blanketly labeled "los angeles." tb and i strolled the scene on a saturday, ate dinner at The Galley, supposedly the oldest seafood restaurant in the area, with some killer salad dressing. . (?) we got a bit sowsed and i got a bit teary-eyed. how honored am i to be on this journey with him? how proud i am of how far he has come and how wide his horizons are for that initial toil. confetti and champagne uncorking for troyboy!!! how seemingly random choices have such widespread implications on life and interactions . and how to stop (or at least pause) along the way and realize, hey--i like it here. i'm glad we're here together. my heart so pleased to hold your hand.
cherish. give gratitude. love with the utmost care!

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