Sunday, March 05, 2006

thank you

"awww, maaaan, it's rainin'!"

rainy day!
rain all day..
ain't no use in gettin' uptight,
just let it
groove its own way
let it rain
your worries away.
lay back and DREAM!
on a rainy day!

had to do it. thanks, jimi. ..

as soon as we got up this morning, sealion and i agreed pretty easily to doin' nothin'. gloomy rainy cold sunday. perfect for tall bloody marys with extra olives (what sunday isn't perfect for this, some may say! learned that from my blessed jiggley hipped sisters!! cheers to mz. goodvibes. and delicious melicious for adding the nutmeg. i remember a particularly beautiful sunny morning at mecca years ago when we had a large group rehoysal complete with the marys of blood that pretty melicious did makest for ussest. .. i digress and ramble still. ) and a movie (and cinnamon toast!! .. but they don't really taste good together. .. the butter gums up the dvd player, too.. ;-D ) (All the President's Men ~~ Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman ~~ a goody ) (let's see how many parentheses i can use.. ) (perhaps fill up this whole small paragraph with long parenthetical asides.. . ). (sealion was asleep before the burglars were even caught by the police.. oh no!! i gave away part of the plot!!! :-D ) (that is my favorite new typographic icon: the open-mouthed laughey-face. so friendly! :-D ) ("duuude, wake up and drink another bloody!!")
so the day dripped by cozy and relaxed into the night (although you could argue whether it was "daytime" at all, considering the sun never really came out.. ). and the time came: grocery run. el caballero negro took me splish-splash windshield-wipe on over to the co-op and i took my sweet rainy-day time luxuriating over the choices of whole wheat pasta and variety of nut-milks. .. (can you tell i've gotten to the "boredom" section of the evening?) and a sweet treat for the ride home. groceries bagged, treat in pocket, and out the automatic doors. i hunkered down against the dark rain and did the awkward-shopper-shuffle as i negotiated all the bags into one hand and dug in my purse for the keys with the other hand. walking walking, to el caballero who was parked on the street (just past the parking lot).
"scuse me! scuse me!" a woman's clear strong voice shouted from behind me. "mam, scuse me!" and i gotta admit to you, sadly enough~~there are so many folks asking for change around here (not just in LA or SF) that it is already easy for me to keep on walking. but, i reasoned, on this rainy night~~not too many are that eager. i turned around to see if she was shouting to me. a woman walked pointedly my way down the sidewalk, "do you need a ride??" she said. my figurative jaw dropped. "no, no," i replied, "i'm parked on the street. thanks so much for offering. you are so generous!!" under the street light i could see her smile, and we went our ways into the soaked darkness.

to that woman, i would like to extend a warm, dry, happy-bellied, "thank you."


ecogyrl said...

hooray for humanity!
i believe there are plenty more good people out there than the news might lead us to believe. having hitched solo from lovely oregon to lovely kentucky, i am a living testament to the kindness of strangers and think we all should be so. :-D

sealion said...

you are the love of my life.