Saturday, March 04, 2006


the auditory landscape of WIDE WORLD OF TIF, as of late. ..
thanks to a fork in the road by Cheb i Sabbah (Krishna Lila), i've been on a world-music journey recently. lots of sampler albums, with a few specific artists.
Six Degrees 100, and Six Degrees Remixed (the latter is lots of times too electronic-y for me. i'm sure electronofiles probably know how to classify further, but i just know it's too much. )
this led me to Karsh Kale, and his album, Liberation. electronic and danceable.
after that, it has been all-world, not electronically mixed, with a duo of samplers from many countries that feature some really precious from-the-heart evocative vocals: An Introduction to Amiata's Secret World, volumes one and two. a few very dancey, lots just tastey to listen to..
from there, Meeting of Angels by Ensemble Gilles Binchois & Ustad Nishat Khan~~which is choral music and varying Indian stringed instruments and tabla. ethereal and meditative.
then: Kirwani ~ Essence of a Raag, by Krishna Bhatt and Zakir Hussain. sitar and tabla. mmmm. rich and luxurious.

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