Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Ever wish for do-over days, tif? You know, hit the reset button and give 'er another shot?


Will today work?

It's never too late,
The Universe
[this was my "note from the Universe" today. . ]

i'm sick of "process."
and if anyone tells me that "life is the journey, not the destination,"
i might just stomp on their foot.
today i want things to be simple~~for real.
no ambiguity
no hippie dippie mumbo-jumbo
no relativity.
black and white
this or that.
and i want to be on the "that" side.
i want there to be a Right Answer,
and for someone to share it with me.
i want "When everything's all said and done,"
to be said and done, and i want to be on the team that wins.
while i'm at it, i want everything
that tastes good be good for me.
everything that feels good be right.
i want the light at the end of the tunnel to be sunshine.
the moral at the end of the story to make sense.
i want to be the one who chuckles
~~huh huh huh!~~
convivially to her partner
and rides off into the sunset.

and, yes~~today~~
i do want fries with that.

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