Saturday, March 04, 2006

It's Soy Delicious

i've discovered a frozen indulgence that i can live with. my problem with most non-dairy frozen treats (pretend ice cream) is that they replace the yummy creaminess and fat of the ice cream we all love with a bunch of sugar~~it might be organic, but it's still sugar. It's Soy Delicious has varieties (like the chocolate-peanut butter that i smile at right now) that are sweetened with fruit juice, brown rice syrup, and the like, which are much gentler sweeteners than good ol' sugar. the other ingredients are also natural foods you can pronounce. It's Soy Delicious has just enough fat in it not to feel empty, and doesn't have as much of that weird, "this just isn't ice cream~~what are you trying to get me to eat?" flavor of some non-dairy brands. (granted, if you eat the whole pint, it's still decadent, but not AS bad.)
hold on a second!! this sounds like i'm saying "if you HAVE to eat non-dairy, this stuff's not THAT bad.. " and i'm saying, there are lots of yummy veggie-vegan products that are still REALLY high in fat, and (especially) sugar. this is a yummy frozen dessert that isn't.

and. . if you turn the container around, you'll see that it says that the distributor, Turtle Mountain, Inc., donates funds to the Sea Turtle Restoration Project ( and ).

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