Wednesday, March 01, 2006

sad shadow

today i invited Sad Shadow to go for a walk with me.

i knocked on her door and she answered. she was still in her pj's.
i said, "Hi, Sad Shadow! come outside and go for a walk with me!"
Sad Shadow said she might as well; she had nothing better to do.
it was a sunshine-pretty day. the sun felt warm on my back.
Sad Shadow said she hoped she didn't get a sunburn.
there were flowers blooming everywhere! and oranges hanging in the trees.
Sad Shadow noticed an orange on the ground that was rotten.
we stopped at a cafe and ate a cookie. it was yummy cinnamon flavor.
Sad Shadow said her half was dry and crumbly.
we walked by the park where there were lots of kids playing. doing cartwheels and shouting and laughing.
i said, "hey, Sad Shadow, that looks like fun! let's go play!!"
Sad Shadow said she wasn't very coordinated.
we picked some flowers on the way home. they were yellow and smelled like springtime.
i said, "these would look great on the table in a vase!"
Sad Shadow said she bet they would wither and attract flies.
when we got back, i walked Sad Shadow to her door.
i said, "maybe we'll go for a walk again sometime."
Sad Shadow said, maybe, because she didn't have any other friends.

the story of Sad Shadow is dedicated to Brer and Alyssum.

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