Saturday, March 04, 2006


while i'm doing these commercial slots it seems i just can't help but do, i gotta rave about that lovely, frickin brilliant, Paul Newman. i've been in love with him for years, and who wouldn't be~~those twinkly mischief-filled eyes that could be taken so seriously if he weren't so damn hilarious. yup. i think he's the greatest. and then there's his food company: Newman's Own. . not only does he have those eyes and that grin~~he loves to COOK!!
well, he has been making these gourmet products (and now his daughter has an organic line) that are high-end, but high-quality. they taste good, and each product has its own silly story on the back in Mr. Newman's signature mischievous- ridiculous voice. and here's the thing~~he gives all the money from Newman's Own to charities. over 200 million by now!!

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