Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Yippee, Us!! Sealion and I have been married for three years!
Technically, we consider our anniversary to be whatever Friday happens at Burning Man (since the week corresponds with Labor Day, it changes year-by-year), but since Anjali and I aren't headed to Black Rock City this year (we're aiming for next year :-), we're celebrating today. What have we done so far today? We had a really delicious snuggly sleep-in session this morning, followed by a bikeride down to Tacubaya for brunch in the sunshine, then play and explore time down at the marina park (which was exceptionally warm and non-windy).

Our relationship is feeling good to us. It feels solid. It feels balanced. I feel as if I am supported and encouraged to grow and flourish. And I feel free to do the same for him. We have a shared vision of desired life-goals. And we are both beside-ourselves in love with our daughter. I feel pretty darn lucky. I love you, Baby!

Ahhh! I love my family!

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