Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Getting a Lift

Activities in my life right now that almost always feel good and/or noticeably lift my spirits:

-Going outside, even just for a minute.
-Riding my bike, even just for a short errand. I feel free. And especially now that I have a front rack for bags so that I can carry things while also carrying Anjali (like produce from the farmers' market), I am set and feel so free.
-Going to farmers' markets. I love them.
-Being creative in the kitchen. I am reminded over and over. Unless I'm trying to rush, and even then sometimes, I end up having fun.
-My voice lessons.
-Swimming. I love being in water. Playing in waves at the beach, and going underwater in a pool (*not* doing laps) remind me of being a kid. Ahhh!
-Jogging. Even though it often feels like a "should".
-Gardening - even just pulling a few weeds or picking and feeding some clover to the chickens through the garden gate.
-Dancing - even just boogying a little hip bump to the music.
-Taking a shower. I don't shower daily. When I get around to it, it always feels good.
-Rubbing my face with coconut oil (that's what I use as lotion).
-Giving a dollar to a sidewalk musician.
-Petting a kitty cat on the sidewalk.
-Having an orgasm.
-Being outside in the sunshine.

What a feel-good list! It is insightful to see so many parts of my everyday life that truly give me pleasure.

And interesting to ponder that some feel like "shoulds" even while being on a feel-good list.

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