Friday, June 04, 2010


A beautiful soul has passed from this realm to the next. I didn't know Forrest well at all ~ only friendly acknowledgements on the sidewalk or short but pleasant conversation. But I feel a deep sadness, as so many of my loved ones loved him so much. From what I have heard of the Tibetan view of living and dying, as a person's soul leaves their body, it floats around for a little while before it passes on ~ visiting and observing loved ones. As Forrest floats in that middl-y air, I am confident that he can feel without a doubt that his presence was cherished and valued deeply by a community who weren't ready to lose him.

Recently for the first time I heard Ray Charles's version of "Long and Winding Road," and it has been in rotation today as I mourn with my loved ones. So I dedicate it to Forrest.

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