Thursday, June 10, 2010

views from the garden

after getting off to a late start this season, the garden is vibrant! i have thinned the greens, we have salad greens every day and stirfry greens at least once a week now. the arugula has bolted and flowered. yarrow is in full bloom, as are the nasturtium which seem to have the goal of covering the whole yard! butterfly bush buds steadily progress. the mint and lemon balm have had to be pruned back for the second time now, as they seem to want to outdo the nasturtium. the tomatoes need an expert eye to their leaf woes...
here are some photos.
volunteer chamomile

even though nasturtium are almost pest-like in their wild natures around here, i love them
and think they are so striking up close. i also like their flavor!
.. am contemplating attempting a nasturtium wine this season!! : )

kale and lettuces

tiny wild sweetpea

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Arlene said...

Eloquent, True writer, heart open -you.
So inspiring, your words. even the melancholy. all beautiful. because its you. I feel closer to you with each word. Miss you!