Tuesday, May 25, 2010

gratitude on a cool, rainy almost-summer day

today the weather is gray ~ the sky is thick and low with different layers of cloud ~ gauzy fog clouds down low seemingly close enough to touch, gray rain clouds up a little higher, and at the top of my vision, a thick ceiling of clouds that hug all the other clouds down to crowd out the sun. in the distance, consistent gray. the clouds here can be deceptive in their apparent desire to linger; some days at one pm, we are thinking it's going to be gray and chilly all day, and then suddenly the "marine layer" will blow off and the sun warms everyone to short sleeves. but i think this day might start and finish gray. and chilly. i'm wearing a warm (gray ~ the only one clean!) winter hoodie-sweater and knee socks under my jeans. snuggly house shoes. i have had three different warm drinks and am contemplating the next being hot chocolate to treat myself. already put on the Jill Scott. :-)

so today, knowing that happiness is unconditional but feeling the gray clouds creep under the roof and enfold me, i extend this little thank you note ~ to those loved ones out there who electronically tap me on the shoulder, tell me you love me and insist that i answer you back. i sure do appreciate it. i love you, too.


woo said...

You're wearing jeans? :)

woo said...

umm...if so, picture please!