Friday, May 21, 2010

Unexpectedly Pleasant

Our dishwasher hasn't ever worked that well.  Being in a rental, with a dishwasher not required by the lease, period, we have tried to be thankful for what we have.  But.  For the last ... six months, it has been just-plain jacked.  And even  with two handy-boys in residence, it has only done better mysteriously in fits and starts.  Many a dish comes out looking like it never went in, while others come out dirtier.  Then the other day when Sealion tried to open it after a load finished, the handle broke, locking a load of "clean" dishes in there.  Our landlord usually responds promptly to calls, but must be out of town as we haven't heard from him regarding our calls about this appliance.  So we are handwashing dishes. And as much as we like cooking and eating around here... We are very quickly remembering how to make one-pot meals, and to use the same mug all day regardless of whether it's for tea, coffee, water or wine.  When I am left with the task of washing a sinkful, I find that I can put it off up until the hour before anyone else returns home to find the mess.  I have also found that I actually enjoy washing dishes by hand.  Unlike the angst-ridden chore of opening a warm dishwasher only to find half the dishes need to be rewashed anyway, washing a sinkful of dishes is straightforward and satisfying.  You start out with a pile of dirty dishes, and with some strategy and elbow grease you finish with sparkling-clean dishes and an empty, shining sink.  Add some relaxed, booty-shakin' music, and I consider it not at all a bad way to spend a half-hour or more.
 I could imagine how, if one had a full-time schedule outside the home, and didn't have a dishwasher ever, this task could quickly become a chore.  However that is not my situation.  And knowing these time-efficient boys in my life, there will be a new dishwasher in the kitchen shortly.  So I can plunge my hands into the suds deeply and relish fully, knowing it's short-term.  And when no one else (over age two) is around, I sing really loud.  ;-)

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