Saturday, March 13, 2010


Crawling in bed here in Sacramento for a solid night's sleep before
the Shamrock'n half marathon tomorrow morning. I have had quite a bit
of anxiety about it. As I did my last email reading for the night I
came upon a Daily Groove by Scott Noelle (of Enjoy Parenting, at
right). It said to envision a special something that opens your heart,
and practice envisioning it to become very familiar with what your
heart feels like when it is open - so that you can do it "on
command.". What I immediately thought of was Michael Franti's song,
Love Invincible. On many days when I have woken feeling blah and
desiring an uplift, I have cranked up this song and I just can't help
but dance. So tomorrow as I'm running, I intend for this to be my
soundtrack. If you think of me tomorrow, sing this song. If you don't
know it, just hum along. ; ). It's so peppy, you'll just have to give
in to dancing.

Touch me with the morning sun!
When I feel impossible, show me what is possible.
Teach me love invincible!

(come on now! come on now! show me that ya feel it! show me that you
feel it!)


Randi Skaggs said...

Thanks for sharing an awesome song! And congratulations on doing something incredible. You'll be great!

Tiffanie said...

Thank you for your encouragement, Randi! I saw it before I started the race and it made me smile. : )
glad you like the song!! He also plays an amazing concert. So high energy!