Friday, March 05, 2010

gratitude for here, now

Today I'm grateful for time alone.
One of the two main assignments of The Artist's Way is to go on a weekly "date" with yourself. It must be frivolously fun - like, not an errand or item on a to-do list, or a standard workout, etc., and even better if it's an activity that feels adventurous.  Just for a couple hours a week, intentionally designated self-time to delight the inner child.

This week for my artist date I took myself to see a matinee of Alice in Wonderland ( - in 3D!!)!  As much as I love the fantastic, and of course the fantastical-er the costume and makeup the better always, this was a perfect date.  I stopped in at Guerilla Cafe beforehand and treated myself to a spicy hot chocolate in my to-go mug (and snuck it in to the theater!).  Just right.
Riding my bike there and back with my scarf flowing behind me, I felt so light and free with only myself to attend to.

Photo: upon entering the theater, you may now don the magic goggles.
A nice little less-than-2-hour journey that had me seeing the world in a slightly different way when I emerged.

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rachel said...

So great to see you here and over in my corner!! Another aspect to the Artist's Way journey, especially since I'm so removed from our bay area group.

I'll be reading deeper...and it!