Friday, March 26, 2010

Crafty: Boys in the Backyard

In order to have a garden, we quickly learned that the chickens needed some boundaries. Instead of the obvious easy solution ~ chicken wire around the beds, that sweet Sealion decided to take up a new hobby. He designed and is building, with Austin's help, a bamboo structure surrounding the raised garden beds and deck area of the backyard. If you know Sealion, this industriousness doesn't surprise you in the least. Adorable. And I love the fence! They are placing the "'boo," as he calls it, with three-inch spacing. So you can still see through it, but it creates a pleasing division of space and intimacy to that area that didn't exist before.

Since I wrote that first paragraph, the grandparents have come and gone. As usual, Sealion enlisted everyone's help in completing this project, that, as usual, turned out to be much more of a project than he originally expected (isn't that always the way with projects?! ). And now we can plant the garden! Bravo on the fine fence, fellahs! :-)


handy: synonym for sexy.
grandparents get in on the action.
Anjali and Austin model one of the two gates.

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ABC said...

Working with existing bamboo from the back yard was really earth connecting! Working with existing friends was really heart connecting!