Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I did it!

I ran the Shamrock'n Half-Marathon. I am pleased and intrigued that my time was very close ~ within minutes ~ to the first time I ran it three years ago, even though my aim has been simply to finish both times. It feels good to show myself that I can accomplish personal goals, and also be fit, after-baby. And it just feels good to be running again. It's a familiar, pleasant, positive space for me in my body and my mind/heart.
Here's a letter I wrote to Woo about the experience. I think it sums it up well.

Thanks for your note today! The race was fun. After a long warm-up, about 7 miles. And a poopoo break at mile 9! Ha! That helped a lot! After that I had a big burst of energy and was able to pick my pace up (for fun) and really enjoy what my body is capable of. Being in that crowd of people challenging themselves in such a demonstrable way got me teary-eyed yet again. I once again felt so blessed. 1) my physical strength stamina and well-being, and that I have the capacity to regain those after a time of convalescing (treating myself gently during and after pregnancy and healing post-surgery), and 2) that I have wonderful people in my life who love and support me. Arlene and Troy (and Anjali) woke up at 5 with me to get me there and send me off with smiles, and Brian and Austin joined them at the finish line. Josh sent me an encouraging email with a photo of him and Stella cheering. My blog friend Randi sent me a sweet word of encouragement. And you were with me through the whole process, as I couldn't help but think back on that marathon and realize what an accomplishment that was for me, how hard it was(!), and how supportive and cheering you were the whole way. You did not let me down-play it for a second! :-)
Thank you!
Arlene and Brian have let us stay with them in their just-moved-into-home. Their tub has jacuzzi jets, and I treated myself to a luxurious soak post-run. Ahhh!! Arlene is cooking dinner downstairs as I type, and she made homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream in honor of my run!!! What a treat!
Having some mommy-baby and booby time
pre-race as the sun rose.
energized and dancing to the music as we gather minutes before the gun fired.
minutes after crossing the finish line.
me: mommy, and runner (and more).
gratuitous shot of anjali holding the tulips
they picked out for me at the farmers' market as i ran.
(photos by arlene)

me and my body post-race at the Rock-n-Roll Marathon (26.2!)
(photo by woo lovely)

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